Will cities of the future be made of wood? A milestone in brain mapping. Can doctors and patients make decisions together?

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I'm a freelance writer in Boston specializing in features, books, and research news about medicine, science, and nature. I'm the author of Superdove: How the Pigeon Took Manhattan...And the World, published in August 2008 by Smithsonian Books/Harper-Collins. I'm a contributing writer for the Boston Globe's Ideas section, and I write its weekly Health Answers column. My work has appeared in Science, Wired, Harvard Magazine, MIT's Technology Review, Seed Magazine, Conservation Magazine, and other publications. I'm a graduate of the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing. From topics like pigeons to microbes to perfumery, my work follows the path of my curiosity. I look for stories that show the hidden meanings and paradoxes in our world.

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